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Eternally Changing

Updated: Jun 15

Landscapes such as those of high mountains change at every moment and the lighting, clouds, colours, shadows and lights are unique at the moment they are immortalised by a click of the camera. Many of these natural landscapes are also in a process of permanent change, such as the retreat of perpetual snow. Having a large-format printed photo that allows you to see the details of a landscape and that can adorn your wall is a unique and eternal image.

Bringing an image from the digital world to the material world is something that involves a very deep reflection on the part of the photographer, from his own experience.

Apu Chicón

At almost five thousand meters high, there is no air. A freezing wind blows and a light snow storm hits your face. After seven hours of climbing the steep mountain of Chicón, we reach the summit.

Before arriving, on the way, you can see immense rock formations and peaceful lakes of water that make up the top of the mountain. They are like snow cemeteries.

Chicón, which is part of the Urubamba mountain range, is rapidly losing glacial mass. From 1985 to 2012, its glacial capacity decreased by 20%. It is estimated that there are 41 square kilometers (km2) of perpetual snow; 8.2 km2 have been lost in recent years. There are leaden areas where the losses were recorded, explains César Portocarrero, a specialist in glaciology. It could evaporate in less than 15 years.

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