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Punta Hermosa



- Limited Edition -





Images that show the Punta Hermosa boardwalk on a catwalk of characters that go unnoticed at first glance.

In this way we can observe how complex and rich the collective and its cultural expression can be. How complex and expressive each of its individuals and their typical and archetypal characters can be. The relationship between all of them is observed in a movement that is captured by moments.

In this collection of paintings, these characters and their symbolic representation come together, acting in a collective space and sharing the habit of visiting beaches and spas, exposing themselves to the looks and behavior of others and thus creating new experiences and giving life to popular culture.


From the carefree sunbathers, the surfers, the children, the families, the skateborder, the street vendors and food vendors. All the characters of a vibrant culture on display under the intense sun of the Limeño summer.


Overexposed Under Sun | Spring 2019

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