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photo art collection of MORAY

The ancient Incas observed astronomical phenomena in relation to mountains, lakes, rivers and other geographical elements. The movement of the Sun was related to the shadows it cast on the Andes, whose figures varied permanently in a cyclical manner, thus creating an astrological relationship between the immense and powerful Apus of the Earth and the almighty Inti.

These shadows were objects of legends, in which fractally scenes of animal and human figures could be drawn that represented mythical stories between men, gods and spirits of nature.

Moray is a silent witness to what the wise Incas of antiquity planned. Through man-made artifacts they recreated this splendid monument to human understanding.

An immense work of art and science, which represents this legend between the sun and the shadows that in turn was the answer to several unknowns: What, how, when, where? Sowing and Harvesting.

This photographic collection of Moray Shadows reflects this vision; it is a graphic interpretation of this place that represents the relationship between the sun and shadows. Brushstrokes of light that reveal the legends hidden in the shadows of its sinuous geometry.

A series of lines that lets the imagination fly. The development of its curves, in separate frames, allows its parts to be composed in a playful way and is an exercise in intuitive creativity, a discovery and appropriation of its platforms and its meandering lines. Legends between sun and shadow.

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